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Case Analysis

A girl and a boy met each other.  Within few months they were living together.  Boy asked the girl to marry him.  She, with great expectation, accepted his proposal.  Boy presented a ten thousand dollar engagement ring to her.  After a few days the girl presented him with a golden watch as an engagement gift.  Within weeks, wedding was set.  Boy and the girl registered for engagement gifts.  The engagement gifts began to pile up in girl’s parent’s attic.  As is customary practice girl’s parents agreed to pay for the wedding.  They retained the services of a caterer, florist and photographer.  Suddenly the boy became unsettled and told the girl that he did not want to marry her.  Later on the boy asked her to return the engagement ring.  She refused to do that.  Then the boy through his attorney drafted a letter requesting the girl to return the engagement ring.  Girl asked him to return the golden watch.  Furthermore, girl’s parents sent suit papers to the boy in obtaining refunds of monies they spent for the florist, caterer and bandleader.

Who will win each of these causes of action?  Whether: (1) The boy will get the engagement ring back; (2) The girl will recover the gold watch; (3) Girl’s parents will be entitled to reimbursement from the boy and; (4) those third parties who gave the boy and the girl engagement gifts be entitled to their return.

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